Nocturne of the Moonlight

About the book:

In the fifteenth century vampyre Count Orlox has a son with his human wife, Lucia. The boy is named Matthias by his mother. Dracula believes the boy has a destiny and prefers to call him Aylukard. The boy is born into a limbo where he is neither alive nor dead. He is not fully Vampyre, yet less human. He must choose to join his father or defy his evil ways. He could defend or defeat the legion of hunters out to destroy Dracula. He also must decide what to do with the devine powers born inside of him. Eventually he has to find a common place for himself in the world. Travel through centuries from the creation of man to a distant future with this traveler. He will learn many things through his eternal life. Foremost, he must understand the meaning of why his father chose to give him the name Aylukard.

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Message From the Author:

This is the end of Aylukard's story, but it's not over. There are many continuations to the story. Look for the continuation or prequel to the other characters you liked most.

I would like to mention that though names and places come from true historical figures, this is a work of fiction not meant to educate.