Homicidal Suicide:

Meet Kenneth Wise: owner of his own private investigation agency. He is recently requested by the police captain (Joseph Mahan) to work along side a detective on the force. Together they investigate a number of found suicides. As the body count rises, new developments take form for the investigating team in this metropolis. Join them in this mental struggle to understand what is happening to everyone. Remember, investigators are required to treat all suicides as a potential homicide: homicidal suicide.

Questionable Answers:

Kenneth Wise returns to work four months after his case with Pat Kelly. He is enjoying the spring with his girlfriend, Emily, until he gets a mysterious phone call. On his personal mobile phone, he receives a call from someone speaking in riddles. Kenny soon learns that he has to break the code to save a life. However, misinterpretation can lead Kenny in the wrong direction causing the death of another innocent. Why is this killer giving Kenny clues? What is the true motive? Kenny must use all of his resources and connections to stop this maniac before it's too late. All possible answers to the riddles are quesionable.

Public Diary:

The heat is turned up in this epic conclusion to "The Kenneth Wise Chronocles." Kenny is trying to beat the Summer heat until he is tossed into another crime scene. Something about it all seems too familiar. Meanwhile, Emily finds interest in a weekly crime series published as magizine articles. Unknown to her, the cases are identical to those being found by the K. Wise Private Eye Agency. Kenny is caught in the middle of tracking down the Author in a distant location, or staying close to Emily. She is the only connection to the clues as they are explained in her stories. The Author is writing a diary about the murders he is causing and making them public.

Nocturne of the Moonlight:

In the fifteenth century Vladislaus Tepes Dracula has a son with his human wife, Lucia. The child is born into a limbo where he is neither alive nor dead. He is not fully Vampyre, yet less human. He must choose to join his father or defy his evil ways. He could defend or defeat the legion of hunters out to destroy Dracula. He also must decide what to do with the devine powers born inside of him. He must find a common place for himself in the world. Travel through centuries from the creation of man to a distant future with this mysterious traveler.