Nocturne of the Moonlight

Nocturne of the Moonlight is part one in a long series. It mainly focuses around the living Vampyre: Matthias Corvinus Lambert. He is the son of Count Orlox and a human woman. This book explores centuries where Matthias is trying to find his place in the world. Through each period of time he meets many different characters. Each member of the supporting cast has their own story to be released. Search for the interlocking stories to find out more about the characters you like most. Blood Life & Rebirth will be first released together as two prequels. Both take place before the birth of Matthias.

The place is here. The time is now. At long last, I’m at peace. However, it took great struggle to be where I find myself. At one time I thought misery was where I belonged. I thought that was the only life for me. I was born into wretchedness. I was forced to be my father’s son. Living his way was a curse. It took many centuries to find this place. It’s simply home; it’s complexly paradise. I never asked why.
     Once you hear my hardship you’ll understand. You may say that my lifestyle, even now, is a torture. You may think my life the worst possible. You’ve never experienced what I have. Listen and understand what I’ve done and seen. The deepest circle of hell is bliss by comparison to my multiple lifetimes.
     My trials actually began long before I was even born. It was my father that brought this upon me. I could’ve been happy. His decisions weren’t always wrong. One day, everything changed. At a young age he altered his whole existence. That destroyed the great man my father once was. Born from his mentality was a monster. He passed this mistake on to me. I had a new father and a new life.
     I remember the first time I died. The feeling is a cold hand of justice. Impalement to the heart is shocking. The blade breaks through into view originating from its entry into my back. The blood drips from the tip of the blade adding to what’s expelling from my body. I want to fall, but the blade holds me to my feet. I endure standing with all my remaining strength. I exhaust myself as my life force drains away. It’s a fate I’ll accept many times over.
     Death is the first kiss of true love. I’ve come to accept it as one of nature’s treats. Each time served more satisfying to the monster coursing through my veins. It’ll happen often throughout this limbo I call life. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Rise from your death to understand true power! What does kill you makes you immortal. I can’t fully say I’ve lived through it. Have I ever truly lived at all?
     After my first death is my second birth. I don’t recall my natural labor so I can only reflect upon my additional. Destruction and decay is my second birthplace. A crypt is my bed of hay. I am blanketed warm with corpses. I am nursed with blood sourcing from Father’s fingertips. Earthquakes and tornadoes rock me to sleep. My waking alarm is continuous explosions. Outdoor fun and entertainment is war. I learn to walk with those too damaged to crawl. I praised the name of the Holy Father only to the realism I’m not his son.
     My father is a large shadow I cannot escape. My mother died leaving me an angry adolescent. I have no siblings. If I had my own choice, it would’ve been very different. I’d have a father to raise me. I’d have a mother that loved me. I’d have trust in a brother. I’d have a sister to protect. I’d have the word of reason in an aggressive fight, but never speak above a whisper. This is how my life should’ve been.
     Alone, my thoughts are my companions. I listen to the voices in my head and overanalyze every simple thought until it has a nature of its very own. Once that thought diminishes, I generate a new disembodied voice. I debate even my own opinions. I watched my mother sacrifice herself for nothing in return. Father is the human form of a virus.
     The truth is the doom of all. It isn’t a curse upon me alone, but a plague upon the entire world. Many fall ill. There are countless casualties on either side neither right nor wrong. Battles are fought among friends. Ties between faith and certainty are severed. The world’s engulfed in an inferno of hate. Despair is fuel to such a blaze. The cure to the infection comes as a man with a mighty weapon.
     Fighting begins. The war of good and evil is true order and balance. Heroes are born, blessed by Christ. Demons defy God’s creation. Fighting begins. The success of one side angers the other. Peace is spread as Hell unfolds. Fighting begins. The conflict of light and darkness does not come to ends. New encounters begin.
     My part in this begins the day I died and continues the day I was born. The beginning of the story is before even then. I’m sure you have trouble understanding. Allow me to explain in greater detail. For me to get this correct, I must start at the beginning. By that, I mean the foundation of time itself.
We know it now as Yom Teruah.