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What's next? Being in the middle of two projects is difficult. I'm looking for input on what to release next. I will be soon re-releasing a Version II of Homicidal Suicide alongside Nocturne of the Moonlight. Whichever gets a better response will determine what project gets the most of my attention. Fill out my Web Form if you'd like to leave me direct input.

The Kenneth Wise Chronicles: The Prologue to Part two of "The Kenneth Wise Chronicles:" Questionable Answers is now available. Kenneth Wise returns to work four months after the events of Homicidal Suicide. Join him in his first day back to his office with his family including Chuck, Kyle, Chris, and the new girl: Angelique. There is no release date for Questionable Answers at this time.
For now:
     Here's the Prologue.

Nocturne of the Moonlight: Nocturne of the Moonlight is about a Vampyre who was born by an evil count and a human mother. Most of the foundation of this story extents even past the prologue. I've done a good job foreshadowing what is to come.
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